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Design Co-Op — 2019


Various design work done for BioConnect. All work was conducted under the direction of a Senior Designer.

Tools: Adobe CC, Sketch


BioConnect is a security company that provides integrated, enterprise-ready identity solutions to establish stronger trust in verifying a person's identity across physical, IOT and digital applications. The work below was done during my 4 month co-op while working with BioConnect in Toronto, Ontario.

Web Design

404 error page
404 Error Page

This page features a fun graphic that plays on BioConnect's relationship to security and facial recognition technology. The facial features are being mixed up to explain the "error".

BioConnect Labs Wireframes
BioConnect Labs Wireframes

Mobile App

Eye Enroll Screen
Face Enroll Screen
Voice Enroll Screen
Finger Enroll Screen
Enrollment animations

Users were having trouble enrolling biometrics into their mobile app.
Instructions given through animations and written tips were made to help guide users in successfully doing each task.

Social Media

social media mockups
Twitter and Instagram posts


BioConnect brochure
Redesign of Solution Brochures

Ebook design
State of Mobile Security E-book